Who we are, and what the hell is 'insert the name of what we do here'!

The idea for ouer events came from the drinking ramblings of DgDolbital
and some dude who speaks way to loud when he's drunk. As they where
discussing the suckness of modern trance music, one of the saw a ghost
of a light bulb appear just above and screamed "ERIKA, last centuries trance music is what we must play!"
We are DgDolbital, DJ Pupkin and Mr. Becker

Aver mission
Our mission is to put on all night electronic music recitals, mainly featuring (but not limited to)
smooth sounds of old school psychedelic trance!

Our first event took place at a little desert party called "Burning Man".
The laser glanced off the first cd we played uer collective was born.
As dj Pupkin, Mr. Becker and some guy named Bryan laid down the beats
in front of odoring fans - we just know we must the more parties.

'insert future here'
General Info
On Kroogi since 10 April 2008
Mr. Bekker    kto-to   
We are collecting money to sponsor our next party
We will be hiring a bus:
and spin some music there.

Event will happen on the 1st Saturday of June.
11 Apr 2008 12:48 am
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